• War Correspondent

  • Combat Documentary Filmmaker

  • Political Consultant & Campaign Manager

  • Scientific Opinion Polling

  • Entrepreneur

  • Marine Corps Veteran


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From the halls of Congress, to the streets of Fallujah & mountains of Afghanistan and back again, JD Johannes’ improbable adventures have ingrained in him lessons that apply to employees, executives, frontline managers, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to get just a little more out of life.

Using his extensive, exclusive, of library of combat footage and interviews he filmed himself, Johannes’ multi-media presentations on the Wisdom of War and ΜΟΛΟΣΣΟΊTM Leadership take audiences into the crucible of combat to inspire, entertain and drive home hard earned lessons on topics ranging from leadership, decision making, asymmetrical advantages and industrial safety.  More importantly audiences come away appreciating life and wanting to live with a little more skill and purpose.

In 2005, after a 3-cycle run of managing winning election campaigns, Johannes resigned his position as a Sr. Advisor to Kansas’ Attorney General, bought a TV camera and ran off to Fallujah, Iraq with his old Marine Corps unit.  It was not Stunt Journalism or an Adventurer Stunt.  Johannes spotted a gap in the market for news from Iraq and, with his long-time collaborator David Chavarria, built a TV news syndication network providing local affiliates reports on their hometown units engaged in combat operations.  (In college Johannes worked as a news photographer and news producer for the local CBS affiliate.)

This led to filming combat for CBS News Productions, reporting for TIME and producing his own documentary films.  In 2009 Johannes transitioned into doing Combat Studies and Observation projects in Afghanistan for the McCormick Foundation and lecturing at the Naval Post Graduate School.  He made ten trips to the wars over eight years spending a combined 36 months in Iraq and Afghanistan either embedded with combat troops or traveling alone, often armed only with his wits and a Benchmade switchblade knife.

During this time Johannes still kept a foot in the business and political worlds with a polling and advertising firm.  He returned to running his firm, VCreek/AMG, LLC, full time in the Summer of 2013.  His polling clients include Fortune 500 companies, Industry Associations, Federal and Statewide office holders.

The high stakes of war, the winner-take-all nature of political campaigns, create a focus on the decisive efforts that deliver results and what really matters in life.  Johannes’s presentations bring audiences’ priorities in business and life back into focus.

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The Outside The Wire Documentary Films are currently in distribution at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide and in Walmart stores as The American Warrior.

War Correspondent Samples:

Time magazine video
Revisiting a Tikrit Ambush” 
& “One on One With Odierno” 

Travels From: Topeka, KS, or Los Angeles

Rate: $1,000/Day for existing presentations, custom builds negotiable